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Welcome brave soul, to the character description for boys, boys, boys! the new hit play for Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival 2007.  Don't let the title throw you (Hey, we all know what sells tickets at Fringe!)  This is a 90- minute epic, with music, drag, sketch comedy, romance, drama, death - and strippers!  This is a character driven piece and a true full ensemble show.   Take a look at the brief character descriptions.

Thanks for your interest in boys, boys, boys!

See you at the Fringe! 

Elizabeth   Owner of an off-off-off-Broadway loft theatre on West 14th Street in Manhattan which presents a gay burlesque show called boys, boys, boys!

MAXIE   A drag performer in his early 20’s, performs at boys,boys,boys!    

Bobby   Male singer at boys, boys, boys!  Closeted, trade, whatever...queen of Denial and lover (in a very loose sense of the word) of Maxie

JT  Male stripper at boys, boys, boys! Amazingly average in every way

Liz  Dominatrix in her 60's (her early 60's) who runs an off-off Broadway theatre in the loft that once presented boys, boys, boys!

Robert   Successful Las Vegas lounge singer in his 40's.

JOHN   Actor/ writer at the theatre. Perhaps a bit above average, but he certainly doesn’t know it.

LUKE   Stripper…muscular, masculine, self-confident…a Peter for the new millennium.

DICKIE  Male stripper at boys, boys, boys!     “19…forever 19"

PETER   Male stripper at boys, boys, boys!  Charming, beautiful, and just a bit James Dean… complete with the fatalistic streak. Aspires to movie stardom…Just doesn’t want to perspire to get it.

MAXWELL   An actuary in his 40’s. Successful, comfortable, miserable. Hasn’t said “Could someone hand me my silver pumps” in over 20 years.

RICHARD    Actor.   Bitchy, funny, catty…overweight, depressed, wary…and 41, not 19.